Kristen Callini

Welcome to Mrs. Callini's 5th Grade Class!

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Homeroom: 232
Team: 5-6
Math and Science

Dear Team 56 Friends,
Hello there! As we begin our new "normal" today, I thought I would send out a few reminders. First of all, I hope everyone is doing well! Second, please check back here daily in case I have new information. I will update this website as it becomes available! If you were in school on Friday, March 13th, you already have your Blizzard Bags for Literacy and STEM. As you already know, these are not really "bags," but projects Mrs. Tudryn and I have given you to complete while we are away from school. If you were not here on Friday, our Blizzard Bag projects are posted on our websites for you to access. Also, don't forget that you have Blizzard Bags from your specials as well. You can go to your teachers' websites and find them there for you to complete. I will also be assigning more lessons to iReady Math, and you are free to use Freckle and Prodigy as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Stay safe, work hard, and hang in there! I miss you all!
Mrs. Callini 


Please visit my Homework Page for added information and additional enrichment activities to complete after you have finished your Blizzard Bag Projects!
Thank you! :)