• Homework is given Monday-Thursday. 
  • Homework is also recorded in your child's agenda. It is your child's responsibility to record the homework in the agenda each day they are in class. There are many verbal reminders and a poster of expectations posted.
  • Upcoming tests and project due dates are also recorded in the agenda.
  • Please remind your child to pass in all work. I will accept late work (within a reasonable amount of time.) Any work passed in is better than a zero.
  • When your child is absent, they will receive a "While You Were Out" make-up work packet with a due date 

    PLEASE have your son/daughter practice their multiplication facts


Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, January 2  8-1 and 8-8  Writing expressions

Thursday, January 3  8-2 Order of Operations

PLEASE BRING IN HEADPHONES FOR i-READY testing beginning Thursday, January 10.

Science review on food chains, food webs, ecosystems, carbon and nitrogen cycles  scheduled for January 25.

Please send in headphones for i-Ready testing beginning Thursday.

Monday, January 7   8-3 Simplifying expressions

Tuesday, January 8 
Evaluating Expressions (6) worksheet

Wednesday, January 9  8-5 Adding and Subtracting Expressions

Thursday, January 10   i-Ready testing

Science review on food chains, food webs, ecosystems, carbon and nitrogen cycles  scheduled for January 25.


Study for science quiz January 25-- study guide should be in your science notebook.  Things to study-- nitrogen cycle, food chains, food webs, ecosystems

January 14    I-Ready testing

***Students will be given information  today on an ecosystem diorama project they will be making. This project is due January 29. Please look in folders and binders for this assignment.***

January 15   8-6  multiplication and division tables
study for science quiz

January 16   study for science quiz and for math test Friday

January 17  Review the paper we worked on in class for math

January 18  Topic 8 test 

This week study for your science quiz on Friday and be working on your ecosystem project, due January 29

Monday, January 21  Dr. Martin Luther Kind Jr Day

Tuesday, January 22  It's in the Bag  (solids review)

Wednesday, January 23 Models of Volume worksheet

Thursday, January 24  12-5 Volume worksheet

Friday, January 25 Science quiz