Reminder - 1/2 day for students next Monday, Feb.4--Dismissal at 11:30 am.

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Next Reading Log is due Monday, 2/4/19* 

*Read 15 minutes per night, complete log for each day, illustrate on back, and parent/guardian signature is required for full credit. One point taken off each day it is late.

Please send tissues and Clorox wipes whenever you can! Thank you! :)

Social Studies-We read directions and requirements for a new project today--DESIGN YOUR SARCOPHAGUS PROJECT!
We started by brainstorming ideas for 3 events that are memories that you want to take with you to the afterlife, and 3 events that will be "memories from the future", meaning events that haven't happened yet, but that you would like to happen.

There is homework this week: to research on the internet (or in other sources)
1. Egyptian sarcophagi
2. Hieroglyphics
3. Ancient Egyptian drawings and symbols.
Take notes on any research you do --YOU WILL HAND IN YOUR NOTES! So if you want credit, take notes and hand them in!
Also, be thinking of 10 items you are taking with you to the afterlife and WHY?
List of 6 events and initial research (notes) on sarcophagi, hieroglyphics, and ancient Egypt drawing and symbols due by end of week, Fri., 2/1/19.

The next "Current Events" is due Friday, 2/1/19, then not again until 2/15/19.

Current Events (news summary) -due every 2 weeks-on Fridays.
We practiced writing a Current Events summary in class together. Mrs. Plante provided each student with a news article, a graphic organizer to write down facts from the article, a yellow highlighter, and the Current Events Summary sheet. Students should use the same strategy each time a Current Events News Summary is due. You must cut out or print out the article and staple it to the back of the summary.

If you need help printing articles, PLEASE ASK Mrs. Plante or another teacher FOR HELP--BEFORE the due date--preferably many days before. (You can do this during Focus block!)

Please email Mrs. Plante with any questions or requests to print articles at j.keyes@schoolsofwestfield.org or j.plante@schoolsofwestfield.org