Tuesday - March 19th

Math - Math 4 Today #14 Due Friday

             10-5 - Finish book work (assignment may vary)

Monday - March 18th

Math - Math 4 Today # 14 Due Friday ( All but #6)

             10-4 Worksheet or bookwork

Monday - Friday - March 11th - 15th

No homework this week! However, you may still pass in any missing/make up work in the back of the room. I will pick it up Friday after school. If you need an extra worksheet, look in the blue box on the counter for extra copies. 

*Please support our Coins for Kids collection challenge sponsored by the PTO!

**Please keep supplies up to date! Do you need a new Math notebook? Two or more working pencils are needed with erasers! Keep them secure in your pencil bag!

Thursday - March 7th

Math - Worksheet 9-9

             Math 4 Today due Friday!

Wednesday - March 6th

Math - Worksheet 9-8 or bookwork (Groups may have different assignments)

              Math 4 Today #13 due Friday ( #1,2,4,7,8,9,10)

***Please help support our Coins For Kids collection challenge sponsored by the PTO!

Monday - Friday - March 4th - 8th

Math - Worksheet 9-7 or bookwork ( Groups have different assignments)

Math - Complete Worksheets 9-7, 9-8, 9-9. Turn in when due.

Science - Finish Sphere project? ( Most students finished in class)

* If there are any missing/incomplete/make up assignments that you wish to pass in for credit, please pass them in ASAP. Grades close Friday, March 15th!

** Please return permission slips to Mestek ASAP!

***WIS PTO has a Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/groups/593518664413586/

****Please keep supplies up to date! These include notebooks, pencils and coloring materials. Remember ASK yourself!

Thursday - February 14th

Math - Students may need to finish Topic 15 Review. Test tomorrow.

***Please sign and return the Mestek field trip form. Our class will be attending on Thursday, March 14th.

****Many students are filling up their Math notebooks. Please replenish this item over vacation as well as pencils, coloring materials and glue sticks. Supplies are limited in the classroom. Thank you for your support!

Tuesday - February 12th

No homework today!

Monday - February 11th

Math - Worksheet 15-5
              No Math 4 Today this week

Students may bring in Valentines to share with our homeroom class on Thursday.

Thursday - February 7th

Math - Worksheet 15-3

              Math 4 Today #12 due tomorrow!

Wednesday - February 6th

Math - Worksheet 15-2

              Remember! Math 4 today #12 due Friday!

Tuesday - February 5th

Math - Worksheet 15-1

Monday - February 4th

Math - Math 4 Today #12 due Friday! - All but 2 & 4

Thursday - January 31st

Math - Math 4 Today due tomorrow! #11 - All but 1, 3 and 4

Wednesday - January 30th

Math - Finish Topic Review pages 324-325

Tuesday - January 29th

Math - Finish packet

Monday - January 28th

Math - Math 4 Today # 11 Due Friday! (All but 1, 3 & 4)
              Worksheet 12-7

***Students need to come to class with a pencil!! Thank you!

Thursday - January 24th

Math - Worksheet 12-5 (Read and follow directions carefully)

              Math 4 Today #10 due tomorrow!

Wednesday - January 23rd

Math - Worksheet 12-4

Tuesday - January 22nd

Math - Math 4 Today #10 due Friday! ( All but #8 & #9)
             Worksheet 12-1

Thursday - January 17th

Finish book work if you did not finish in class. Pages 214-215. Test tomorrow!

Science - Finish Biosphere project - A Period only

Wednesday - January 16th

Worksheet 8-8

Monday - January 14th

Math 4 Today #9 Due Friday! ( Both sides - all but #9)

Tuesday - January 15th

Math - Worksheet 8-7

Science - Period E only! - Finish Biosphere project if needed.

Students need to replenish supplies for the 2nd Trimester. This includes pencils, crayons, glue sticks and scissors. Supplies in the classroom are limited. Please make sure your child has a supply bag to keep them in. 

Thank you for your support!