Reading Log- 15 minutes and record on sheet
Spelling words- read and review words with an adult

Spelling- study spelling words (see note on spelling below)
Reading Log- Read for 15 minutes a book or article of your choosing and record it on your log. Have an adult initial. 


Study spelling words
Reading Log


Study for spelling test on Friday. Options may be to write to words, spell them out loud, write them on a white board. 
Reading Log


Any unfinished work from the week. Otherwise, enjoy your weekend. 

Note on Spelling: I allow flexibility in studying spelling words because not everyone learns the same way. Suggestions include: 

writing the words in sentences
writing the words 3x each
writing the words in chalk, on a white board, or in water (shaving cream can be fun too) 
writing the words in ABC order

spelling the words out loud
having an adult quiz you
using crayons or markers to color vowels and consonants different colors
drawing boxes around the words (tall letter, short letter) on graph paper and filling in the shapes