• Homework is assigned Monday-Thursday. 
  • Homework is recorded in your child's agenda. It is your child's responsibility to record the homework in the agenda each day they are in class. There are many verbal reminders and a poster of expectations posted.
  • Upcoming tests and project due dates are also recorded in the agenda.
  • Please remind your child to pass in all work. I will accept most late work.
  • When your child is absent, they will receive a "While You Were Out" make-up work packet with a due date.
  • Make-up work (While You Were Out Packet) are due ON the listed due date. No exceptions.
  • If your child is absent due to a planned vacation, they will receive their make-up work when they return to school.

Please refer to the "useful link" page attached to my home page to connect to  class resources that I have used in class for any review you may need.
Please study your multiplication facts!  Go on Oswego, flash cards, deck of card multiplication, etc!  Let's be ACCOUNTABLE!
Spring Book Fair this Friday

March 9  15-5 classifying quadrilaterals

March 10  15-6 
March 11  study for test
March 12  Topic 15 test    Science projects  on Ecosystem directions were passed out today. They are due 3/26
March 13   Book Fair

Blizzard Bag information went home today. My homeroom received a hard copy, but they can also be accessed on my WIS page.... just in case


Hello friends!
I hope you all are staying safe during this time!  I miss you all already and hope you take the time to send me an email if you have any questions or to just let me know how you're doing!
 I am including some websites you may want to visit.  Please work on your ecosystem project! I can not wait to see them!

Please check out my useful link page also :)

Prodigy -students already have accounts

https://www.khanacademy.org/  (my boys are working off this site!)

(if you scroll down on this page you will find several short videos posted to support various topics we have learned about this year.)

Virtual fieldtrips  


For free access to Brain POP.
Our Username:   WISPolarbear
Password is:  PAWS1234
If so some reason you need the access code it is BPOPFREEACCESS


March 27
My friends, moving forward, please look for your assignments on our Google Classroom pages.  Thank you!!