• Homework is assigned Monday-Thursday. 
  • Homework is recorded in your child's agenda. It is your child's responsibility to record the homework in the agenda each day they are in class. There are many verbal reminders and a poster of expectations posted.
  • Upcoming tests and project due dates are recorded in the agenda.
  • Please remind your child to pass in all work. I will accept late work. Make-up work packets (While You Were Out Packet) will not be accepted 1 week past the due date.) Any work passed in is better than a zero.
  • When your child is absent, they will receive a "While You Were Out" make-up work packet with a due date.
  • If your child is absent due to a planned vacation, they will receive their make-up work when they return to school.

Please refer to the "useful link" page attached to my home page to connect to  class resources that I have used in class for any review you may need.

Thursday, August 29  Please review and complete emergency forms  and other paperwork sent home

Friday, August 30  Please review and complete emergency forms  and other paperwork sent home


Tuesday, Sept. 3 Send back to school any unfinished paper work and emergency forms.

Please send in supplies as soon as possible so we can get organized.  Thank you!

Wednesday, Sept. 4  Math 1-2 Practice  omit 11-14

Thursday, Sept. 5 Math 1-3 odds only

Friday, Sept. 6  No homework


Monday 9/9  "Name That Place Value" review sheet

Tuesday 9/10  Practice 1-5

Wednesday 9/10  finish Independent practice worksheet

Thursday 9/11  study review sheet

Friday 9/12  Topic 1 test


Monday 9/16  I-Ready testing- Mythical retreat (reading numbers worksheet)
Study for planet quiz

Tuesday 9/17 I-Ready testing   Skill focus on decimal worksheet
Study for planet quiz

Wednesday 9/17  Rounding practice
  Study for planet quiz

Thursday 9/18  Practice 2-2 
Planet quiz

Friday 9/19

  Book Fair visit on TUESDAY 9/24
Monday 9/23  Practice 2-3

Tuesday 9/24  Our homeroom will be going to the Book Fair in the morning
Adding and subtracting decimals worksheet

Wednesday 9/25  OPEN HOUSE
 Review for Topic 2 test Friday

Thursday 9/26 Review for Topic 2 test 

Friday 9/27  Topic 2 test