• Homework is given Monday-Thursday. 
  • Homework is also recorded in your child's agenda. It is your child's responsibility to record the homework in the agenda each day they are in class.
  • Upcoming tests and project due dates are also recorded in the agenda.
  • Please remind your child to pass in all work. I will accept late work (within a reasonable amount of time.) Any work passed in is better than a zero for not passing it in. 
  • When your child is absent, they will receive a "While You Were Out" make-up work packet with a due date.  

    PLEASE have your son/daughter practice their multiplication facts



Plant quiz Friday. Study guide will be glued inside their science notebook

Monday 10/29 4-1  dividing by 10 and 100
Study for science quiz

Tuesday 10/30  4-2 estimating quotients 
study for plant quiz
If students are not done with their carbon cycle questions from class, they need to finish for homework.

Wednesday  10/31   Study for plant quiz

Thursday    11/1    4-4 Connecting models and symbols
Study for plant quiz
Steps of photosynthesis worksheet

Friday 11/2 Plant quiz

                         Please study your multiplication facts!

Monday 11/5- March Madness  division practice worksheet

Tuesday 11/6  No school for students 

Wednesday 11/7  4-6 zeros in quotient division practice

Thursday 11/8  4-7 Division word problems
Finish Carbon dioxide /oxygen cycle journey IF you did not complete it during class time.

TOPIC 4 TEST is scheduled for WEDNESDAY, November 14
Please return field trip permission slips for our field trip, November 20.



Please send in your permission slips for our field trip, November 20 to the New England Air Museum.

Tuesday, 11/13  Study review page completed in class for topic 4 test 

Wednesday 11/14  Topic 4 test

Thursday 11/15   5-2 Estimating to divide

Both science classes will visit the library today to select an animal that lives in a cold climate. They will be learning and reporting on how the animal keeps its body warm.  The paper they will be recording their information on was passed out today.

We will work on this in class on Friday.  Students will need to work on this project at home also. 

The finished projects will be due Tuesday.  I will be collecting them before we leave for our field trip. Pass in papers Monday if you wish.



Monday 11/19  Plant life Cycles worksheet
Please remember to pack a lunch for the field trip tomorrow!

Tuesday 11/20  Field Trip