• Homework is given Monday-Thursday. 
  • Homework is also recorded in your child's agenda. It is your child's responsibility to record the homework in the agenda each day they are in class. There are many verbal reminders and a poster of expectations posted.
  • Upcoming tests and project due dates are also recorded in the agenda.
  • Please remind your child to pass in all work. I will accept late work (within a reasonable amount of time.) Any work passed in is better than a zero.
  • When your child is absent, they will receive a "While You Were Out" make-up work packet with a due date 

    PLEASE have your son/daughter practice their multiplication facts


Monday  3/11  Review paper for math test tomorrow
No After School Help Today 

Tuesday 3/12  Topic 9 test Room 200  (Room 246 is at Mestek)

Wednesday 3/13  Field Trip to Mestek (Room 200)
Room 246 will take the topic 9 test today

Thursday 3/14  10-1 practice

Friday 3/15 March Open response in class
Rock Cycle quiz   (study guides were passed out Thursday

See the "useful link" page attached to my home page to connect to videos and class resources that I have used in class for any review you may need.

Monday 3/18  adding  fractions with unlike denominators

Tuesday 3/19  10-4  Reteaching  adding mixed numbers

Wednesday 3/20  10-5   Reteaching subtracting mixed numbers

Thursday 3/21  10-6  more adding and subtracting mixed numbers

Friday 2/22