Jessica Pyzocha

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Pyzocha


Grade 5 ESL Teacher
Please check your child's agenda for daily Math and Spelling homework.

Suggestions for Parents

Parenting is difficult work.  Most parents want to raise a happy, healthy well-adjusted child.  The most important thing parents can do is love their child unconditionally.  Every day, let your child know that they matter to you and that you love him or her for who they are.  Teach them how to treat other humans with respect and kindness. Research shows that hard work and a kind character are the foundations for a successful, happy life.

Make learning a priority.

Your attitude toward school attendance, education and involvement in the school makes a strong and lasting impression on your child.  Show your child, by example, that learning is a priority.

 Show interest in school work.

Talk about school each day. Ask to see classwork.

Check Agenda Book regularly.

Ask your child to read aloud to you.

Read to and with your child from a variety of materials in your first language.

Encourage your child to discuss new ideas and opinions.

Show appreciation for good effort and hard work.

Be a good role model.

Lead by example.  Your children pay attention to everything you say and do, and they imitate your words and actions. Keep in mind how easily they are influenced. Be your best.  Model behavior which positively shapes their character and values and equips them to live responsible, productive lives.

Enforce an appropriate consequence when your child does something wrong unacceptable.  Many parents are hesitant to enforce consequences when their child breaks a rule, but consistency is essential.  Children thrive on consistency and reliability.

Encourage “personal best.”

Help your child by encouraging him or her to do their best in school and at home.  “Personal best” does not mean “perfect”, and learning is not the same as high grades.  Children, like adults, need the freedom to make mistakes and to learn from them.

Be generous with praise.